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FENSA is set up by the double glazing industry to help protect homeowners.

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FENSA - The Proven Scheme Trusted and Demanded
by Homeowners and Local Authorities

Benefits of self certifying your work

  • Self-certification is the most cost effective and efficient way of ensuring your work complies with Building Regulations
  • All Local Authorities recognise the FENSA standard. This means there will be no extra work or administration if you work across multiple Local Authorities.
  • Registering for self-certification raises the integrity of the replacement window and door industry as a whole and demonstrates to government that it is capable of self regulation.

Why FENSA makes a difference

  • The scheme is trusted and demanded by homeowners and local authorities
  • Hassle-free job notifications with auto insurance process saves you time and administration
  • Local, experienced, independent inspectors to guide and help – we are here to help you maintain the quality of your work, not to catch you out!
  • Simple company registration process
  • Friendly, experienced staff who understand your needs and concerns
  • Phone FENSA - We will call you back!
  • The simplest way to notify Building Control saving hundreds of pounds on each installation
  • An independent report commissioned by the government department, the CLG found it to be the most successful of all competent schemes to date in the UK, across all industries
  • FENSA is industry-led and its long term interests are with the glazing industry.

Benefits of registering with FENSA

  • FREE Technical Helpline
  • FREE Surveyor's Guide
  • FREE industry magazine
  • FREE van stickers and showroom stickers
  • Discount advertising opportunities - Thomson Local & Yellow Pages


For all replacement window and door installations that are notifiable to FENSA (click here to find out which types of installations fall under FENSA's remit), FENSA Registered Businesses are required to have in place for their customers the categories of insurance stated below. It is a government requirement that companies must have certain insurance policies in place where applicable.

Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) Replacement of windows and doors in domestic dwellings must have an Insurance Backed Guarantee provided.

Deposit Protection: If FENSA Registered Businesses take deposits in advance of installations, they must give some form of deposit indemnity. Deposits may be guaranteed by, for example, trade association Deposit Indemnity schemes, or credit card protection.

Guarantee or Warranty: FENSA Registered Businesses must give a guarantee or warranty covering the cost of completing rectification work in respect of defects for a period of ten years.

Deposit Protection can be provided by a range of insurance providers. FENSA provides an 'approved' list of already vetted insurers that FENSA Registered Businesses must use.